Sweden’s National Arena

Sweden’s national arena stands in Solna, a Stockholm suburb. It rises above a busy traffic landscape and ringed by an intricate network of roads, rail tracks and pedestrian paths. The commission given was to facilitate visitor orientation and surmount the numerous barriers. Guided by the arena’s existing design programme and architectonic configuration Kazakoff Design produced a series of display pillars, pictograms, signposts and maps. Each pillar carries a clear direction indicator and an easy-to-grasp map of the immediate area.

SL Public Transport Authority

When Stockholm Public Transport (SL) chose to outsource some of its activities one result was that subcontractor’s logotypes came to dominate the scene. To avoid giving the impression that SL was solely a administrative unit Kazakoff Design was commissioned to reinforce the SL presence. A new logotype, eye-catching and consistent, formed the basis for the new design strategy. The aim was to have all the various graphic elements – timetables, signs, maps, season tickets – clearly tied to this logotype. The parallel lines logo – a clear reference to rail-bound traffic – was used to frame all types of information.

Swedish Advertising Association Award, Silver