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The Swedish architectural firm White arkitekter is one of the pioneers of green building design. The ten projects featured in this book document the firm’s approach to and concern for nature, analyse their implementation and consider how successful the results have been in practice. The cover is divided in two, with the top half green and the bottom half white, a division that runs throughout the book and which reflects the close balance between man-made architecture and nature. Cover two does not have a title or any lettering at all, instead conveying the name and content of the book via colours. Underlining the light footprint of these buildings, the contents pages show the sites without any visible structures. The same pictures are repeated later in the book in connection with the actual documentation showing the completed buildings, thus making clear how carefully these structures have been fitted into the landscapes. The top half of the pages tells the story of each architectural project, the bottom half shows drawings, models and plans.

Designpreis Deutschland 2013, German Design Council

American Institute of Graphic Arts, NY, AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers of 2010, Annual Design Competitions, Juror Notes: Who uses that color of green? And then prints four-color on it? So perfect and unexpected. The balance of 50/50 works so well with the colors and type design. The paper stock really enhances the quality.

Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best 2011, Germany, Statement by the jury: This book embodies a subtle yet highly accurate design implementation based on a sophisticated concept. The way the paper and alternating colours are used in the design follows an unusual path. The visual language consists of documentary photography and therefore is highly consistent.

SL Public Transport Authority

When Stockholm Public Transport (SL) chose to outsource some of its activities one result was that subcontractor’s logotypes came to dominate the scene. To avoid giving the impression that SL was solely a administrative unit Kazakoff Design was commissioned to reinforce the SL presence. A new logotype, eye-catching and consistent, formed the basis for the new design strategy. The aim was to have all the various graphic elements – timetables, signs, maps, season tickets – clearly tied to this logotype. The parallel lines logo – a clear reference to rail-bound traffic – was used to frame all types of information.

Swedish Advertising Association Award, Silver

Vostok Nafta Investment

Today, annual reports are pivotal in conveying the image of a company. These publications, which have long ceased to be produced solely for the supervisory board and journalists, are now often available for download on the internet and thus targeted at the broader public. Since well-conceived annual reports also help to enhance the value and success of a company they call for ever higher design quality standards that can link together the philosophy of a company and their latest financial statements to form an exciting and convincing whole.

The Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd annual report satisfies this ambition in the high demands it places on contemporary design. It does so, however, by taking an approach that runs counter to readers’ usual expectations about the presentation of this medium. The report dispenses totally with pictures and photographs, nor does it feature the conventional familiar diagrams but instead interprets this obligatory content typographically. All text-based information is set against a blueish grey background and is distinguished in this way from the pink background figures. Tables are presented not as traditional pie charts but through accumulated words. For example, the ratio proportions between gas, oil and coal are thus aptly represented by repeating the words to form columns that visually indicate the relevant figure or percentage.

Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best 2009, Germany
Designpreis Deutschland 2011, German Design Council


The magazine Forum, which since the 1970s had covered Swedish interior architecture, chose in the 2000s to expand its range to include architecture, interior architecture and Scandinavian design. Kazakoff Design was commissioned to redesign the journal and provide it with a fresh graphic idiom. The company’s graphic design profile was revised to accord with the new layout, and even three-D products were created such as the annual Forum Awards statuette.

Rebrand 100 Global Awards, USA

Svenskt Papper

A client magazine from Svenskt Papper AB, the leading Swedish trader of paper for fine prints. Editorial purpose: To reflect how knowledge, technique, taste and spirit of the time are communicated among human beings. This issue — No 7 — specifically focuses on how best to communicate on uncoated printing paper. The design idea — not to illustrate the physical shape, but the corresponding countershape in the surrounding space — results in a mind-tickling experiment where the concept of the importance of ‘vacant space’ is broadened to include all aspects of communication.

The eleventh aphorism of Lao-Tse:
Thirty spokes meet the hub, 
but it is the emptiness between them that makes 
the essence of the wheel. 
From clay pots are made, 
but it is the emptiness inside them that makes 
the essence of the pot. 
Walls with windows and doors form the house, 
but it is the emptiness between them that makes 
the essence of the house. 
The principle: The material contains usefulness, 
the immaterial imparts essence. 

Art Directors Club of Europe
Excellent Swedish Design
Swedish Advertising Association Award, Silver